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Perch Members Login Form issue


I have a site where the perch_members_login_form() is called within a menu include throughout the website but the form will only login when it is submitted from the home page. All other pages just return the form as though it was never submitted.

I turned on debug and only when the form is submitted from the home page does the debug show login activity. All other pages never even show debug like a form was ever submitted.

The site uses extensive re-write rules and this leads me to think that might be where the problem is.

When I look at the html source for the form on the front page the action url is "/", but with each of the other pages the action is"/page.php" but the extensions are removed in .htaccess and I am wondering if Perch is looking for a submission from page with extension.

Any ideas?

Robert Ketter

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  • 5 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

It sounds like you're redirecting after the form submission, and therefore discarding the post data.

I am not too sure where the failure is, but the .htaccess was over 600 lines, reduced to around 250. There is so much redirection from old to new to who knows what. Basically, my solution was to carve a path for any URI with /members/ to pass right through and the problem has been resolved. This is an inherited site from one very well known designer who shut down and left this client hanging. The site is LOADED with fancy tricks and custom apps that will leave your head spinning, and therefore is a real pain to follow.

Thanks for your thoughts.