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More products to come / No products left in listing view


I am using ajax to implement a "Show More" button on my product listing page. It's a pretty simple implementation, I have my main shop page with this template:

   'count' => $count,

And a button which increments that count by a certain number, and sends it off to an ajax page with the same function, which then returns the results. Similar to the approach here:

I would now like to hide my "Show More" button if there are no more products to show. I have tried to use perch_item_last to apply a class for this, but it appears on the last item in the selected count, not the last item overall.

My question is can I add anything to the template which I can detect, which would indicate there are more products available beyond the count / no more products available beyond the count?



Mike Harrison

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  • 4 years ago


I didn't spot the total in the showall - that is exactly what I needed. For future reference this is what I have done to add a class to the last item:

<perch:if id="perch_item_index" match="eq" value="{total}">last</perch:if>
Drew McLellan

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Ok, great.