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PERCH_TEMPLATE_PATH - localhost question


I have used a local domain example.local with the installation above the www folder but when it comes to setting the PERCH_TEMPLATE_PATH:

define('PERCH_TEMPLATE_PATH','C:/Program Files (x86)/Ampps/_templates/');

it does not work and it only works with:

define('PERCH_TEMPLATE_PATH','C:/Program Files (x86)/Ampps/www/_templates/');

of which I don't think localhost will work with a subdomain, e.g. for images (subject of another post I believe).

I could edit the same set of .html templates for either site, but it would be better to have one for development and one for staging on the local machine, since I would have a "live" backup as it were.

Also, I used this:


but it only works for the home page.

Any advice would be warmly welcomed.

Thanks for all the help thus far.

Garth Holmes

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  • 4 years ago
Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

This isn't something that we can support. We can only support our software being used in the way it was designed.

Hi Rachel,

I put the templates folder back into the perch folder and all is well.

Thanks again.