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Perch as Product Catalogue

I am currently deliberating about how to work on a certain project. A client who sells blinds and shutters wants an update to their website which contains around 50 products across 5 different categories. The client doesn'tt need an ecommerce solution (e.g. no pricing, shopping cart or checkout) just a product catalogue.

I was thinking about working with a Prestashop as such systems are already geared for product creation and display and remove the pricing, basket and checkout bits. However as Perch is our preferred CMS for many client projects I was wondering if Perch is a good solution to achieve this instead? I know you can do list/detail pages but would it be suitable for this project?

Neil Duddridge

Neil Duddridge 1 points

  • 6 years ago
Dan Lee

Dan Lee 1 points

Neil - It sound like you could do this with Perch Runway by creating a Collection for Products placing them in a Category.

If your already familiar with Perch then it sounds like it could be a good choice.

Rachel Andrew

Rachel Andrew 394 points
Perch Support

It would work very nicely in Perch Runway with a Collection. That's pretty much a standard "what are Collections good for?" use case.

Ah yes, great, thank you both, I will look at Collections

alternatively you can use the shop app with price and buy now fields disabled - worked fine for my clients and it was easy for them to update

Good idea too Charlie, thanks :)