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Case Studies 'database' in Perch ...

Just completed an update to an existing Perch site, that the customer is delighted with. They wanted a way of storing an increasing number of case studies or stories, grouping them into different subsections, displaying lists of them and with links to detail pages. And on all pages in that part of the site, they wanted randomised display of a quote from a 'database' of quotes.

The new part of the site is at

In Perch, this was very straightforward. Its set up as a repeating region of case study details, together with a series of checkboxes to put each study into one or more subsection. Each subsection displays a list of its stories with onward links to the detail (using list/detail pages as described in the Solutions area of Perch documentation). All the filtering is done with perch_content_custom and detail pages displayed using slugs.

My customer can control how many stories appear on the 'latest' page. The quotes are in a repeating shared region and a random one is selected for each page using perch_content_custom.

All done with very little work on our part, the customer's loaded all the stories they'd accumulated, and she's just loving working with Perch on the website.

Graham Street

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  • 6 years ago