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Event app slug in Runway

Does anyone know where the events app generates the event url? I have a list of events which I used the /templates/events/listing/custom-listing-day.html for, the title of these events goes to <perch:events id="eventURL" /> this generates /events/event.php?s=2018-02-26-test-event-1, however, it should be /events/2018-02-26-test-event-1. So need to remove the offending event.php?s=. But I can’t find anywhere?

My event page has events/[slug:s] defined in the URL pattern.

Many thanks

Grant Smith

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  • 3 years ago
Duncan Revell

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Hi Grant,

I think that's defined in the settings under "Event detail page path" - you probably need to have /events/{eventSlug} in there.

Event detail page path is what I was missing!

Thanks for your help Duncan