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Unable to change the Perch logo (admin) when paranoid mode is on

I think this is a bug...I'm not sure if this is where it should be posted or somewhere else. Let me know.

When I attempt to change the logo ("Upload a logo" field) in the Perch settings when PERCH_PARANOID is on/true, it says everything was saved successfully, but the logo is not in the resources folder nor does it display. If I disable PERCH_VERIFY_UPLOADS it works.

I'm uploading a PNG image and filetypes.ini has image/* under [image] (I haven't changed filetypes.ini).

When I turn on debug with paranoid off or verify uploads off, I see the following:

    [0] => Type 'webimage' does not appear in your config/filetypes.ini file
    [1] => Mime type did not match: image/png
    [2] => Failed file type check

I'm running 2.8.26. Image uploads seem to be working otherwise and the diagnostics report is reporting Resource folder writeable: Yes (image upload does work once paranoid mode is off).

I'm not seeing the same issue otherwise, but it does make me wonder if there will be issues with paranoid mode elsewhere.

Am I doing something wrong or did I find an issue?

Darryl Hein

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  • 5 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

Have you updated your filetypes.ini with the one from the latest release?

Thanks Drew. That fixed the issue...but I'm wondering how I would know to do that? I can't see a mention of it in the release notes (though I maybe missing it). I started this site with 2.8.24.

Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

The update notes link to where all of the details are described, including the requirement to update filetypes.ini for uploaded files.

You have to opt into Paranoid Mode so it is not detailed in the release notes, as that would be confusing for the majority who won't switch it on.

Thank Rachel. You're right, it is buried on that page. Might be good to bold or somehow otherwise emphasis it since even the error message doesn't indicate what the issue is. (Also the save message doesn't indicate that anything went wrong.)