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Managing user access to specific pages and/or collections

Is there a way to apply a more granular level of user access to specific pages or collections within Perch?

The use case is for a school with a large staff, so the admin may want to assign a user access to specific pages on the site, i.e. a parent may edit pages / subpages within the parents association section but should have access to other sections of the site.

I envisage something like a list of checkboxes, one for each user (perhaps of a specific 'limited contributor' role) within the page options of each page - the admin then checks the box of each user who can edit this page & it's subpages. It would be handy to have a similar sort of access management within certain Runway collections.

Is something like this possible with the members app? I'm unsure if member tags goes far enough to achieve what I'll need: Any advice would be much appreciated!

Adam Green

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  • 4 years ago
Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

If you want an individual to have a certain set of access then create a role specific to that individual, then you have all the checkboxes that you want. That's how a groups based ACL works, you have the flexibility to create groups but there is no issue to have a group of one.

Thanks Rachel - I'm aware that I can create new roles for specific individuals and assign privileges by app (Pages, Blog, etc) but this doesn't give control over access on a per page, per collection / item level which is more what I'm hoping to achieve. As privileges are grouped by app, could one create custom content apps with separate user access controls?

Drew McLellan

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If you're creating the app, you can set the rules, sure.

What sort of scenario do you have where it would be useful to set the permissions on a collection-item level?

For the same reason I'd need to give someone access to edit certain pages and not others. Building an app just to enable access privileges for certain users to be able to edit a specific piece of content seems like overkill!

Are there any plans to expand roles / privileges to work on the content level as described above?

Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan 2638 points
Perch Support

No plans at the moment, as I've yet to see a use case for it to justify the extra complexity.

Thanks Drew, I've just noticed that access permissions can be assigned to certain user roles in the content region options, which would be as granular as I would need... helps to read the docs from time to time! (>.<)