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Large / Complex Perch Runway Sites


I have the chance to pitch for a large site that will be built on Perch Runway. Its a lot bigger (in terms of complexity and traffic) than I have done before, and we are concerned the potential client might get a bit windy about using a CMS they haven't heard of. As an indication they are currently getting about 140,000 visitors per month.

Does anyone have any examples of large Runway sites - ideally for a company that is moderately well known? Craft show off about Netflix and Oakley using their CMS on their homepage, was after some similar signifiers of quality for Runway. I am confident Runway is the right choice I just need to persuade them!

Mike Harrison

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  • 3 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

140,000 visitors per month

Pretty much anything should be able to handle that level of traffic - it's really not a lot unless they've got very spiked traffic patterns.

Do you know anything about the traffic profile that might suggest that 140k per month should be a problem?

Hi Drew, thanks for the reply.

The traffic spikes a little but is fairly consistent - they are a theatre so days when popular tickets come on sale there is an increase in traffic as a result.

I am really after some examples to hold up to sell Runway to them as a viable alternative to a CMS they have heard of (Wordpress was mentioned in the tender document). I am completely confident it will be suitable, however if I can show them "Big Brand Site X" as a persuader it will improve my case.

Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan 2638 points
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Ok, well from a technical point of view it should be no problem.

I'll leave it for others to chime in if they have sites they want to share with you.