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First I have to confess, I'm absolutely new to Perch. I just dropped into a Perch based project. Currently I'm trying to find a solid way to fetch Perch data into a frontend app. My favourite solution would be a RESTful API.

I'm thinking of something like this to receive JSON data from Perch:

# get some news articles

# get news ordered by date DESC with limit and offset

# get a specific article

# get articles by tag

In the forums I found an easy way to render JSON from Perch. AJAX and JSON with perch

This might be a good starting point to write a simple API on my own. But I'm sure I'm not the first one looking for a RESTful API and thus I'm pretty sure somebody out there already has a great solution for my problem, right?!

I really, really appreciate any hint!

René Keller

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  • 4 years ago
Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

Wow Rachel — that was really, really quick! And it sounds like the perfect answer to the requirements I'm currently facing: We have an existing Perch website (and a client that is a happy Perch user) but need to feed other channels with Perch-edited content.

Is there a rough plan on when Perch 3 Runway will arrive?

BTW/off topic.: Some time ago I attended your talk about CSS grid layouts at front/> conference Zurich. Great lecture, good memories! Thanks for it!

Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

We are currently in Beta, we don't announce release dates as we are keen to ship without issues :) however we're fairly well through the process at this point.

That was a while ago - and CSS Grid has just shipped today into Firefox! :)

Yay! Great news in double pack! =D Really looking forward to Perch 3! Thanks for the quick response and your help, Rachel!