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Is it possible to reorder items in the cms ui independent of their order in the...

Two questions / requests.

Context: I am setting up a series of links in a list, it looks like this in the code:

<div class="fluid w-32">
    <div class="title multi">Professional Development</div>
    <perch:repeater id="pro_dev" label="Professional Development">
    <a class="icon" href="<perch:content id="links_URL" type="text" label="Professional Development URL" />">       
    <perch:content id="links_name" type="text" label="Professional Development Name" /></a>

<div class="fluid w-32">
    <div class="title multi">Vendors</div>
    <perch:repeater id="vendors" label="Vendors">
    <a class="icon" href="<perch:content id="links_URL" type="text" label="Vendor URL" />">
    <perch:content id="links_name" type="text" label="Vendor Name" /></a>

and it looks like this inside Perch:

alt text for image

I'd like to be able to...

  1. reorder the fields so the names precede the URLs

  2. have the repeaters be collapsable (they're going to get long)

Are either of these things possible? If they're not, I'd like to request both/either. Of course not urgently! :) (But it would be nice.)

Lindsay Masten

Lindsay Masten 0 points

  • 5 years ago

Hi Lindsay,

Collapsable repeaters are not a feature yet unfortunately, but you can change the order of fields in the edit screen to make it easier for the editor by using order:

Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan 2638 points
Perch Support

Also. if you drop "Professional Development" form the field labels, you'd save a lot of space!