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Trouble adding HTML widget to dashboard

Hi, I am having some weird trouble adding a widget to the dash. I followed the directions here and created a widget on my live server perch Runway install. It worked for a minute, and then when the site was refreshed the dash had disappeared. Now it looks like this:


I can still access settings to turn the dash off. If I remove the dashboard.php file from the app folder, the dash reappears also. Here's what I have in the folders (note I've mostly copied direct from the docs to minimize my mistakes and test)...


if ($CurrentUser->logged_in()) {
  $this->register_app('perch_dashboard', 'Dashboard', 1, 'Welcome', '1', false);
  $this->require_version('perch_dashboard', '2.0.8');


<div class="widget">
  <?php echo $Lang->get('Title of your widget'); ?>
  <div class="bd">
      <p>Your content goes here.</p>    

This is definitely something dumb I'm doing, I'm sure of it. Can someone please point it out? :)

Lindsay Masten

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  • 5 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

It looks like your getting an error. Have you checked the PHP error log?

Is $Lang defined?