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Slightly confused about scheduled backups

I'm trialling perch runway and as such the backup functionality. However, despite setting up the backup (which works manually), and setting up the schedule (I've added the secret to the runway.php config), it is not automatically running the backup.

Do I need to create a cron job to run this? Or should it work by configuring everything within perch? I'm a bit confused by the documentation.

Thanks in advance

Chris George

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  • 4 years ago
Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

Yes, you need something to actually run the scheduled tasks. See the documentation where it says "scheduling with cron"

Ah, yes ok all understood. I didn't appreciate the cron to run the "Scheduled tasks" as a whole... then the backups ran within that. All good now, db backed up every hour (while testing) and assets every 10 mins :-)

Thanks Rachel.