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Extracting multiple information from Dataselect Is there a better of doing this?

Is there a better of doing this?

I have a region/template with a master list of schools containing id="name" id="town" id="extended". I'm using dataselect inside a repeater to make these fields available to the editor to lookup and set information in a timetable cells in a row of a <table>.

Ideally I'd like to have the editor select the school once with a single dataselect and set the data rather than have the editor visually compare with the top dataselect to set the second dataselect etc. Bearing in mind I have to spilt up these id's to output into separate spans for styling.

If you look at the image I'm using the first dataselect to help the editor to choose the next two fields.

The second field is a dataselect from the same region/template just to set the town.

Dataselect choices

<span class="schoolnameinlist"><perch:content id="schoolselect" type="dataselect" label="School" page="/courses.php" region="School List" options="schoolall" values="schoolname" order="1" help="Select a school name"  /></span>  
            <span class="smalltown"><perch:content id="schooltown" type="dataselect" label="Location" page="/courses.php" region="School List" options="townschool" values="town" help="Use the information above to match the town to the Venue" order="2" /></span>       
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I think you'd be better off with a relationship: