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Navigation in CMS for "APPS" drop down.

It's quite confusing and not great UX to change the name of the "APPS" menu button/link to the item you select. EG, if I select "Blog" under "APPS" - "APPS" changes to "BLOG" in the top menu/nav.

This is unexpected....

I suggested using the sub menu structure like if you select "PAGES". Then instead of "Add/Edit" and "Master Pages" etc... You would see "Blog" and "Categories" and "Forms" etc.

Understand initially when designed that when you only have one APP, changing the name of it then make sense - but not otherwise.


Stuart Farrell

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  • 6 years ago

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Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

Is this an observed issue, or a theoretical one?

I can see the logic behind the request whether it's observed or theoretical. If you're already within an app, say Blog. You wouldn't expect to have to click a button called Blog if you wanted to go to your Shop App or Comments App, etc.

That said, whats the potential damage is to the experience of existing users - who'll be familiar with the current approach? Does it outweigh the potential gain!

This was observed when training clients in Perch and also from comments internally when staff were using the CMS for the first time.

Perhaps change link name to append the current app being edited... eg: "APPS / BLOG" - then there is no sub nav issues from apps that have their own sub nav.