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Integrating Perch Runway with Microsoft Dynamics

Hi I have a client who will want to pass details from their website into their CRM system (Microsoft Dynamics). I don't have a lot of detail on exactly what data at this time as it's in early discussions but I just wanted to ask if this would be possible, what kind of approach would be best and the basic steps that would be involved with this kind of interaction. I see there's a Microsoft Dynamics 365 web API available which may be useful and I'll read up on that.

I'm thinking at this early stage it may be a case of sending data through to the CRM via website form submissions rather than exporting from the Perch Admin side but it may be a case of both.

Any help ideas greatly appreciated.

Thanks Graham

Graham Shedden

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  • 4 years ago

It's definitely possible, I've done similar with other CRMs.

You would need to create your own app (most likely you'll only need the one runtime file).

Then on your form tag you would add your app name to the app attribute.

Thats for form submissions, to add stuff admin side you can add what ever you like.

Duncan Revell

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I agree with Dexter, you'll need to write your own app. I've used the Dynamics CRM api before (data out, not in unfortunately) and it's fine. It's an OData REST api, so you'll end up using CURL I guess.

With the potentially imminent arrival of Perch 3, you could in theory get really fancy and start using the new API feature to get data from Perch in order to pass up to the CRM.

And then there's events too...

Many options!

Dexter/Duncan Thank you both for the input, much appreciated.

I was aware of creating an app from reading other [Perch forum] posts, not something I've done to date but have used perch forms and have decent understanding of the addon.

Also aware of (and looking forward to) Perch 3 and good to know there's even more flexibility and options when then arrives, although I'd like to try and keep it as straightforward as possible at least for v1 to ensure a solid and reliable solution.

I've used CURL on other projects and I did read that the Microsoft API uses REST, again something I've had contact with previously.

I feel a little more confident knowing I have at least some knowledge and experience with the various aspects that will be required for this.

Thanks guys.