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uploading assets direct to a bucket

using perch 3.0.10 not runway

In Assets is it possible to upload assets direct to a specific bucket? i.e. go to Assets, select bucket, upload several assets

I know I can specify in a template a bucket for an asset, but I am NOT talking about editing. Some users might find it easier to upload all the assets they will need in advance of editing, so that they can select from already uploaded assets during editing

Charlie Elsey

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  • 3 years ago

I am asking this again as you said it was not possible a while ago see

Duncan Revell

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I have a feeling that some of the recent updates have had asset fixes in - especially 3.0.11, which mentioned buckets.

It might be an idea to try the latest release, to see if anything has changed.

thanks Duncan

I would rather hear from the horse's mouth if this issue has been addressed though!

Duncan Revell

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Updating to 3.0.14 on a development copy is so trivial, you could have discovered the answer to your question before you had finished typing out the question... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

under version 3.1 it seems when I am in Assets, click +add asset, I can only add one asset at a time under 'adding a new asset'

so there is no facility to 'click here to add assets' and get browse for multiple assets to upload.

Am I correct in this or is there another way to select multiple assets to upload?

Drew McLellan

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Not for the workflow you want, no.

:( Thanks Drew. One day maybe.