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Perch runway - do I or don't I

Hi guys,

Firstly let me say, I am a massive advocate of Perch, so I am hoping that what I am proposing can be achieved.

I am building a website for a recruitment agency, I have done a few before using Perch, but this one probably requires Runway.

The main features of the site, pages, jobs listings etc I am not particularly worried about however there are unknowns, that I would love some insight or recommendations from fellow Perchers.

Candidate area:

  • A candidate will need to upload a CV
  • They will need to manage email preferences, which will email job alerts when a job matching their criteria is listed on the site. Criteria being sector (category), region, keywords and type (contract, permanent etc)

I have used the members add on before for a very basic secure downloads area for clients, but nothing as complex as this. As a front end developer, with fairly limited PHP knowledge, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Can it even be done?

Cheers guys

Lee Goodman

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  • 6 years ago

One thing that has occurred to me is the possibility of somehow scheduling a cron job daily, that will execute a PHP script to query the database and build up some query string variables based on the selected criteria. This would then be sent as a link in an email. The Perch page and script could then grab the query string variables from the URL and filter the collection appropriately?

Can I store custom fields against a member and query the appropriate table, either directly or via the API?

Has anyone ever achieved anything similar?

I am now only using Runway for all my sites and though it's an obvious overkill for many of them, I don't care because Runway is so awesome. That being said, your project should be built on Runway. I say this because scaleability is likely something you'll have to deal with at some point.

Also, API and cron is likely something you'll end up employing.

Runway certainly can handle everything you state and members app will also be employed for secure upload.

R. Ketter

Great thanks Robert, I will bear in mind your comments. I am pretty sure Runway will be my choice from what you say.

Thanks again.

Feel free to bounce ideas off me robert at ketter dot us.

R. K

Thanks Robert, much appreciated.