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Perch 3 - Redactor - View source / Clear Formatting ?

It would be handy for Redactor to have a 'View source' option or 'Clear Formatting'

I've had a client who has pasted in some content which has included some text styling such as font size and colour and apart from removing the text entirely and keying directly into the editor e.g. not pasting, there is no other way of removing styling.

Also options to hide certain format options like heading 1, heading 2 etc would be handy.

As Redactor is now packaged as part of Perch I assume it's not a good idea to modify the config and js files for Redactor?

Thoughts/Suggestions welcome :)

Neil Duddridge

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  • 4 years ago
Drew McLellan

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I think this is the same as this post from a few down the list:

Ah yeah, sorry, should've checked.