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Please add ability to republish or edit all on one page for collections...

Today I had to make a changes to several of my templates to adjust image sizes and add in image density for srset. This meant going through each item individually and saving as most of these affect items where in fact part of various collections. Quite a long painful process.

The one section that existing as a list and details page was super easy, as I switched the 'edit all on one page' setting on, lading all items up, hit save and all image assets were regenerated as required.

It would be super useful and handy for such a facility for collection items, so you can edit a whole collection in one go and generate all new image assets.

Just adding this as a suggestion.

Or perhaps a facility to click a button to 'generate all image assets' like we have with the republish option...?
Not sure if others would find it useful, perhaps it might be worth asking in the Slack group.


Terry Upton

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  • 5 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

We have image regeneration slated for the Perch 2.9 series.

Has this feature been implemented yet?