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Creating an iCalendar Event with Perch

Anyone know a way to create/edit an iCalendar event with Perch? I know how to do it in plain HTML i.e. linking to a file on the server with the info in, but I want users to be able to edit the event details via Perch. It doesn't seem possible to enable Perch to write to a file so I'm wondering what's the best workaround here?

I see Drew's suggestion here:

I would be tempted to publish HTML with the hCalendar microformat and then use an existing converter.

Is this still the recommended way to do this? Would using this converter mean I'm dependent on this service remaining online?


Jay George

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  • 4 years ago
Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

If you can make your file format writable as PHP then you can write to any type of file you want.

Cool, thanks for your suggestion. I didn't think of that/haven't tried that before.

I'll try it and post back here with a solution for anyone trying to do the same thing.