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Perch Capabilities

Hi! Again, i'm looking into setting up another site an would like to know if perch has the capabilities to work as a CMS for it. We're looking into building a portal for videographers, a 'Behance' for video if like. Videographers pay to sign up to the site to showcase their videos (from Vimeo). Each account would then have their own mini profile where they can upload their videos. The home page then would pull random videos from of the the videographers. Is this something that Perch would be able to accomodate? If so, would I need Perch or Runway? Any help would be great thank you! :)

Jade Marling

Jade Marling 0 points

  • 4 years ago

Definitely is the short answer.

Not done something 100% like this, but along a similar line. Look into the Shop and Members app's... Runway would be the way I'd go.

Linking videos from Vimeo would be a hell of a lot easier all round rather than "upload their videos"

Thanks Stephen! Would I be able to see your example by any chance?