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Import csv file to runway collection

I'd like to provide the facility for my client to upload a CSV file of URLs to a runway collection that maps 301 redirects from old to new (using this helpful tip from Shane Lenzen: - thank you Shane! ).

There's an import button on the collection listing page in Perch but no way to import / upload a file - unless I'm missing something here? Are there plans to add a csv file upload to this?

I've written an import script based on: Passing the Url of a file uploaded to the assets in the query string works fine but it's not the most elegant solution for the client.

I thought about adding a content region to a page with a file upload template - the client could upload the csv file to the content region, save the page, then view page to run the import... still as intuitive or user-friendly as uploading and importing the csv directly onto the collection page. It'd be very handy to be able to import products into Perch shop this way also.

Is there a better way? Thanks!

Adam Green

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  • 3 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

The way to do it would be to put a UI on the front of your script by turning it into a very simple app. This is why the API is there - so you can construct the tools you need for your project.

Thanks Drew, I was afraid it was a job for a custom app... have to sharpen my very basic php chops to tackle this!