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Has anyone used Square API with Perch Shop

I know that the Square API is not officially supported by Perch Shop, but I thought that considering the extreme popular of Square in the U.S. perhaps someone has experience using it with Perch?

I have a client who is insisting on using Square for ecommerce. I'm sure that I can get the Square API working for them on its own with the rest of their site on Perch CMS as normal (aka, non-ecommerce), but if there's any way to take advantage of Perch Shop I'd like to try.

Unfortunately, while I've built a few sites using Perch I do not have experience with Perch Shop yet, so these are unfamiliar waters. Any advice or thoughts are appreciated!

Lindsay Masten

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  • 4 years ago

Honestly, this is likely pretty easy, using the existing gateways as a template from perch_shop. I've got a couple minutes so I may take a peek. I got the PayPal gateway in shop working in a single attempt but I want to say all the credit goes to Drew M for doing such a fantastic job on the existing gateways.

well, it looks quite simple... of course I haven't tried it.

look here:

Thanks, Robert (for the input and that link!). I'm taking a look and seeing what I can do. :)