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Donations or user entered amounts


I noticed on the v1 feature list ( that donations will be supported, but I'm not finding any mention of it in the documentation. I've also noticed that it's on the feature ideas in Trello ( My assumption being that donations are user entered amounts (not just fixed donation amounts).

I'm looking to have users enter an amount and then pay by credit card. It's not really a donation, but essentially operates the same way.

Or is it something that's only in Runway?


Darryl Hein

Darryl Hein 0 points

  • 5 years ago

Donations not a feature in v1.0.

One way around this is a $1 item which the person can change quantity then checkout.

Great. Thanks

Doesn't sound like that'll work in this case...since the payments may have cents and that'd just get weird.

Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

Hi Darryl

if this is a feature you are interested in then add your vote on the Trello board, we're essentially using that to prioritize features.


Thanks Rachel. I did that on day 1 :) It would be awesome to have. If there was the ability to setup recurring donations (entered by members) that'd be sweet as well – save me rewriting my existing "system" to do it.