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Holiday Cottage Catalogue


I wonder if anyone can help me with some advice on the best way to achieve something in Perch.

I am building a site for a client who let out holiday cottages. I'd love to use Perch Runway for the site, but obviously the main purpose of the site is to display a catalogue of properties. I would need to be able to filter the cottages to display lists of relevant results, based on cottage criteria such as how many it sleeps, wifi, dog friendly, location etc.

Has anyone any ideas on what would be a good way to do this?

Three possibilities I have thought of:

  • Categories - I could ammend the template to add checkboxes for all the filtering options, but could I query those within the website?
  • Pages > Collections - create a collection for all the cottages, add the cottages as 'items', amend the templates to include more options, but then again would I be able to query on the additional fields?
  • Shop App - create cottages as 'products', add filtering options as 'options' or additional meta fields and then query these?

I'd like to end up with URLs something like this:

And then query the data on the variabls (sleep-2/wifi/dog-friendly/location).

I'm not expecting a detailed 'how-to' - but if anyone has any suggestions on a good way to achieve this it would be much appreciated.


Jack Barber

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  • 5 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

I would create a Collection of properties, and add fields for each of the attributes you want to filter on.

Great, thanks a lot for the pointer Drew, I'll try that out.