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How to track cart abandonment and send reminders?

Hi there,

Although some versions of it had been implemented for other ecommerce engines such as Prestashop ( I wonder if there is a way to do this in Perch Shop.

Thanks for any hints! Damian

Damian Drozdowicz

Damian Drozdowicz 0 points

  • 4 years ago

There is not a process I know of at this time in Perch Shop.

There is a table shop_cart which contains basic details about the abandoned cart. Depending on the flow of your shopping cart this table will contain more or less customer (member) information.

You could use this information to remind known shoppers they have an abandoned cart, then rebuild the cart if they return to complete the transaction.

Of course at this point you will need a custom app, but its totally doable.


Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

We have triggers for cart abandonment listed on the roadmap feel free to vote it up :)

Damian Drozdowicz

Damian Drozdowicz 0 points
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Great news, thanks a lot Rachel and Robert. I'll look this through.