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Product availability feedback and backordering

When a customer tries to purchase a product in a quantity beyond what is available in stock, there is no user feedback in the cart or product page to let them know that it is backordered. I would like to give the option to continue with purchasing even though we do not have enough stock to cover the order yet and tell them that it will be delayed. Currently, if a stock level is increased beyond what is available, the cart simply cuts their quantity down to what is possible to ship without saying anything. In the meantime, I can use template if statements to check and pop up a modal, but they still cannot order more than what is available for a backorder shipment.

Kevin Wolff

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  • 3 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

There's currently no ability to order out of stock items, other than to not count stock.

It's correct that the intention is you build the user interface and so don't enable adding products to the cart when there is no stock. The cart silently reducing the qty is a second line defence.