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Can't Delete A Photo From A Post

I've got a blog post using a custom template, and an IF section for an "about the author" with 4 elements - author image, author-name, author-role, and author-description.

When the user tries to delete just the author-image, the typical remove checkbox doesn't work. On save, the image stays.

It's not required, nor does it need to exist for the IF. So why won't it delete? Ever seen this one before?

** This is Runway version 2.8.29

Leigh C

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  • 4 years ago

You need to update Runway to the newest version, as well as updating your apps in use.

One of the Absalute requirements for support is to make sure your installation is up to date before requesting help.

Leigh C

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It's a major site that I am not willing to update to 3+ yet given the numerous issues that have come up. It definitely needs some break in, and I don't want to force the update on my client.

That said, does anyone have any idea about why this could be happening?

Have you enabled debug to see why the image delete is failing? Have you created a "new" post as a sample, then test if it reacts the same?

Please post your diagnostic report and debug output during image delete.

Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

The latest version of Perch 2 is 2.8.34:

That's the version of Perch 2 we offer support for, so you should be updated to that if you want to stay on Perch and Runway 2.

Once you have done that then we need to see your Diagnostics Report and template to offer help.

Leigh C

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Hi there - to cap off this thread, I found the issue. It was not a version issue at all. I had the image of a particular box using the perch:if the show the box, instead of a perch:if for a text field instead. So removing the non-required image caused a glitch. Once I fixed the perch:if to the right field, all is good.