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Alternative Google reCpatcha option for Forms App


I would like to suggest Google's reCAPTCHA ( as an alternative option for spam prevention in the Perch Forms App. Perhaps users could choose between either method in the form settings.

The cost of Akismet, albeit small, is a turn off when we're talking about a basic name-email-message contact form for small scale websites.


Adrian Payne

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  • 6 years ago

Adrian, a FREE option is just to utilize perch's built in Honeypot option... It works really at combatting a lot of spam.

Using a honeypot field An alternative option is to use a honeypot field. Honeypot fields are included in a field but hidden from sight. Any regular user won’t see the field and won’t fill it out. An automated spambot will tend to complete all fields in a form and will therefore complete the honeypot field, too.

If the form is submitted with a value in the honeypot field, it is marked as spam.

Create a honeypot field by using a normal field, and set antispam="honeypot".


+1 for honeypot. Also, I've found that adding a simple "1 + 2" question to the form is very effective at stopping automated form fillers

Sure, it's possible to use the already integrated honeypot field, but if a spam bot becomes aware of its purpose, it becomes null and void?

Drew McLellan

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That's why it's good to use a realistic field name that would commonly appear on that sort of form.

e.g. for a name, email, message contact form, add make your honeypot field something like 'company'.