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Composite Type Creating Blank Input Lines

When I add a composite item to a template it creates a blank line on the editor input form (Perch is creating a <div class="field"> block for the composite item). Is there any way to hide this?


<perch:content id="Make" label="Make" title="true" type="text" required="true" maxlength="50" />
<perch:content id="Model" label="Model" title="true" type="text" required="true" maxlength="50" />
<perch:content id="Make_Model" type="composite" for="Make Model" join=" - " suppress="true" />

Would create 2 input boxes on the editor form and a third blank line representing the composite item.

Paul Smith

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  • 6 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

That sounds like a bug - I'll log it and see what we can do.

OK, thanks for that.

I'd just like to bump this bug because I'm using a composite field type as the title for the list item in a region, and have added a label so it displays a nice column heading on the list page in the admin.

<perch:content id="full-name" type="composite" for="first-name last-name" label="Full Name" title="true" />

Of course this outputs a line with the label 'Full Name' on the edit form, but no input. It causes no harm, but doesn't look great to the client.


I concur on this one ... I'm having the same issue.

Perch Runway 2.8.26.

Not truly a big deal, but looks odd on the input form. Not so bad if there's no label for the field, but when there is, it gives this label with a blank space next to it.

If there were a way to have it display the actual calculated value of the composite field there, that would help. It might be confusing, though, since it wouldn't update until the item was saved. (But we could note this in the field help, if necessary).

It might be nice if there was a perch:content attribute to toggle whether or not to display any given field on the input form.

Yep, experiencing this also in both regular templates and repeaters. Currently using Perch, not Runway.