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Members App - Textarea


Does the members app allow for type="textarea" when registering / editing the profile - for-example to create a bio or about section of the person. help appreciated.

Gary Thompson

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  • 3 years ago
Simon Clay

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Bonjour Gary. Ça va?

Yes, you can add items to: /perch/templates/members/forms/profile.html e.g.:

        <perch:label for="bio_info">About You</perch:label>
        <perch:input type="textarea" id="bio_info" required="true" label="About You" />

To show that info in the backend add this to: /perch/templates/members/member.html

<perch:members type="textarea" id="bio_info"  listing="true" label="About You" />

Bonjour Simon,

Oui, et toi?

Thank you for your solution, perfect!

Simon Clay

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Bien! Merci.


Did you get this working? I've had a problem where textareas are wiped when the member profile is edited by an admin. I cannot find the URL for the moment but there's another forum post where this is mentioned.