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Temporarily Hide An App From Menu

Hello! Is there a way to hide an app from the Perch menu? In my case, I've setup the Events apps and my client doesn't need it yet....a future use. So I'd like to remove it from the navigation menu temporarily.

I went to the apps.php file and commented out the "perch_events" line, but after a refresh and re-logged in, I still see the app in the menu. So I wonder if it's a one-time install.

It's not worth it to remove the apps since I've already customized it. Just want to hide it so my client isn't confused as to where to put events. Thoughts on how to?

Leigh C

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  • 5 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

Rename the perch_events/admin.php to something else, e.g. _admin.php

Simon Clay

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Or, in the Users/Roles for your client's role, you could uncheck 'Access Events'. This would hide 'Events' from the Apps menu for them, but it wouldn't be hidden for you.

Leigh C

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Thanks for both your answers!