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Issues with HTML5 Date fields in IE

Drew, I know this is not Perch, but IE causing an issue for me, but I am thinking you have likely conquered this issue for Perch Website and able to shed light for me.

I have a form which has a required date field which works flawlessly in chrome and hopefully most browsers, but I have several people who keep telling me their form isn't submitting. Upon testing in Internet Exploder I have figured out its the date field.

Do you know how I can overcome this issue? I learned in testing if I enter the date as YEAR-MO-DY then the form submits, but getting people who don't get a date picker rendered in their browser to do this is kinda hard (impossible)

Thanks for any ideas


Robert Ketter

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  • 6 years ago
Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

I would suggest using a JavaScript date picker to ensure the date is entered in the correct format. There are plenty to choose from.

Should I change the field type to text to avoid any conflict with perch?

Rachel Andrew

Rachel Andrew 394 points
Perch Support

What problem are you experiencing?

Other then IE not showing a Date Picker, I'm not having any real problem. I HATE having to change a perfectly functioning form to allow IE users trouble free access.

I want to make sure we get full functionality from Perch and HTML5, without compromise and still satisfy the users of IE.

So, I guess the question I was asking is "Do I change the field type from date to text and implement a jqueryUI fix for the date picker" to satisfy all the browsers or leave as type date, plus implement jqueryUI?

Just wasn't sure if fixing something that isn't really broken will create a new problem.

Drew McLellan

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I think IE supports validation of HTML5 date fields but provides no UI. That's problematic, as users don't typically use ISO formatted dates.

I would switch to a text field and provide your own UI if you need to support IE.

Thanks Drew, And happy 800, I can't believe I got to be the one to give you the milestone point...