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Drew McLellan

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Yes, thanks, I'll take a look.

Hi Did you manage to get this resolved? I experiencing a similar issue using MailChimp Addon 2.0.1

I'm unable to import the list of subscribers from MailChimp I get a 'Could not access MailChimp API.' in the first line of the results page when I try and import but can see the list of campaigns.

I have tested locally using the same MailChimp account details which works no problem. The error appears on the live website only.

I have checked the server settings/config in case its a hosting issue. I'm using MAMP locally.

Local: Perch: 2.8.25 PHP 5.5.26 MySQL: 5.5.42

Live: Perch: 2.8.25 PHP 5.5.35 MySQL: 5.5.48


Hi, Drew.

Any news on this. I'd like to get my clients Mailchimp syncing back online.