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Perch Content custom


I've generated a URL which is stored in a php variable.

I would like to use perch_content_custom to use this variable in it's 'page' attribute. Like so:

<?php perch_content_custom('Category introduction', array(
                    )) ?> 

Is this feasible? I'm getting no output from this code.

Adam Menczykowski

Adam Menczykowski 1 points

  • 6 years ago

FYI The $parent_link variable's content is:


Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan 2638 points
Perch Support

Yes, that's feasible. Check your template path - it wouldn't normally start with a slash.

If that doesn't solve it, turn on debug for that page and let me know what it outputs.

Thanks Drew

I had to ensure there was a starting slash in the link to get it to work

All good now!