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Perch Blog Error


I am in the process of setting up the blog on a new site and I am getting the following error, when trying to save a blog post in the CMS. I downloaded the latest blog v4.6 and Perch 2.8.7

My apps.config looks like this

<?php $apps_list = array( 'content', 'categories', 'perch_blog', ); ?>

and I have added the perch_blog folder to the perch\addons\apps folder.

Fatal error: Call to a member function return_instance() on a non-object in C:\wamp\www\<site>\perch\core\lib\api\PerchAPI_Form.class.php on line 419 Call Stack

Time Memory Function Location

1 0.0009 266864 {main}( ) ..\index.php:0 2 0.0666 2686400 include( 'C:\wamp\www\<site>\perch\addons\apps\perch_blog\modes\edit.pre.php' ) ..\index.php:26 3 0.0904 5115592 PerchAPI_Form->receive_from_template_fields( ) ..\edit.pre.php:76

I've been going round in circles a bit with this morning, have I set something up wrong ?

Many thanks


Lee Goodman

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  • 6 years ago

Diagnostic report

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Diagnostics report

Perch: 2.8.7
Production mode: Production (100)
Installed apps: content (2.8.7), assets (2.8.7), categories (2.8.7), perch_blog (4.5.4), perch_forms (1.8.2)
DB driver: PDO
DB tables: perch2_blog_authors, perch2_blog_comments, perch2_blog_index, perch2_blog_posts, perch2_blog_posts_to_tags, perch2_blog_sections, perch2_blog_tags, perch2_categories, perch2_category_counts, perch2_category_sets, perch2_content_index, perch2_content_items, perch2_content_regions, perch2_navigation, perch2_navigation_pages, perch2_page_templates, perch2_pages, perch2_resource_tags, perch2_resources, perch2_resources_to_tags, perch2_settings, perch2_user_privileges, perch2_user_role_privileges, perch2_user_roles, perch2_users
Users: 1
App runtimes:
    $apps_list = array(

Scheduled tasks for perch_blog: delete_spam_comments (1440 mins)
Editor plug-ins: ckeditor, markitup, tinymce
H1: 4c0225d6c10aa53f63bd408e0c52b104
L1: 0150da6cfc784609f1e6383ea922446c
headerColour: #ffffff
content_singlePageEdit: 1
siteURL: /
hideBranding: 0
content_collapseList: 1
lang: en-gb
update_2.8.7: done
latest_version: 2.8
on_sale_version: 2.8.7
perch_blog_update: 5.0
perch_blog_post_url: /blog/post.php?s={postSlug}

Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

perch_blog (4.5.4)

You need to use Blog 4.6.

It's the one in the zip from the Perch site? - hang on let me double check :-)

My bad - I must have copied in an older version from another site template. Sorry - thanks for the super quick support response as usual.