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Redactor inline images rather than shortcode?

Is it possible to turn image shortcodes in Redactor into inline images (and have them still be 'Perch' images)?

I am guessing it would need a custom Redactor config that would re-write the shortcodes into URLs and insert them... but I don't even know where to start! I'm reading both Perch and Redactor docs, but struggling to 'bridge the gap'.

Has anyone had a stab at this/had any success? Any pointers greatly appreciated - will keep plugging away in the meantime and post any success.


Keir Moffatt

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  • 3 years ago
Simon Clay

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Thanks Keir,

I’d be really like the same functionality and would be very interest to hear if you or anyone makes any breakthroughs.

I think that while integration with Assets was a step forward, seeing a shortcode in the editor rather than the actual image is a step back.

How about trying SimpleMDE editor? It uses shortcodes but also has a side-by-side preview mode.

(SimpleMDE does use markdown however)

Hi Clive,

Just taken a look at SimpleMDE editor, very impressive. Looks like it's possible to configure the toolbar too. Very nice.

Thanks for chiming in, all. I'll have a little play with SimpleMDE.

Do any of the other RTEs support Perch Assets better? CKEditor etc.