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Delete a page

Hi all, crazy question as i would of thought it would be obvious but how on earth do i delete page in perch admin area. Do i just delete the file from the server?

Why is this so hard?


Richard Barwick

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  • 6 years ago
Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

Perch won't let you delete a page from the admin area unless you have deleted the regions on it. This is to stop accidental deletion of pages, because that happens.

Hi Rachel, this caught me out also but I worked it out. I do feel that the perch UX could do with a review in places. As Richard mentions above it would seem obvious how to do this but some aspects of perch are not intuitive and responses in the forums can be a little short for those who are not that versed in php, even though one of the selling points of perch & I quote from your site "You don’t need to know PHP to use Perch". I am sticking with it as I like the speed & I can see the benefits v other CMS tools.