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Basic XAMPP installation for Runway

Sorry to ask for support at such a rudimentary level. Perch installed fine on the local WampServer environment on the workstation at my job, as well as on my employer's web host, but I bought a Runway Developer license for myself and I can't even install it on my own XAMPP server on my Linux (Manjaro/Arch) laptop.

It's a database connection problem, I suspect regard permissions. Both the perchtest and the attempted installation report this:

SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user 'tdkey'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

I've carefully verified that the password is not incorrect.

In PHPMyAdmin, I gave the database a collation of utf8_general_ci.

These are the permissions I set for the database user, as a screenshot showing the fields I selected in PHPMyAdmin before submitting:

screenshot of database priveleges being set in PHPMyAdmin before being submitted

And here is the confirmation message in PHPMyAdmin after submitting the new database user:

screenshot of PHPMyAdmin user submission response

Here is how I fill in the perchtest:

screenshot of perch test form filled in

The test fails with the reason "We could not connect to the database with the information provided." It shows the SQL (I asssume) error quoted above.

I tried just installing, but that didn't work either. I don't understand the concept of the database prefix, and I've tried both leaving it at its default "perch2_" and changing it to my database identifier with an underscore after it. But I guess that's irrelevant, since the perchtest doesn't have a field for a prefix.

Perch Runway installation failure screen

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Perch Support

I'd suggest asking in the forums for XAMPP, if you can't get the test to pass you won't be able to install Runway, and XAMPP isn't our software so we aren't best placed to assist.