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Let user choose from multi-item region items


I'm looking for certain functionality which allows a user logged into perch and editing a page to be able to pick an item from a multi-item region which I can then process with a template.

I'm thinking it would probably be a select field which showed all the items from that mulit-item region. Would this need to be a new fieldtype similiar to the Pagelist fieldtype? Or is it possible somehow without having to create a fieldtype?

I'm using regular Perch for this site, not Runway. To make it clearer, there is a multi item region called 'Case Studies'. I'd love to give the user the option to embed a case study into a page by selecting from a list.

Thanks in advance.


Adam Menczykowski

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  • 5 years ago
Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

This is the functionality that is part of Runway - Collections and Relationships:

There isn't an equivalent for Perch.

OK thanks I thought that may be the case...


I have ended up using the pagelist extension and attributing each case study with a page, so that when the user chooses to output a case study on a specific page, they can choose the associated page and using perch_content_custom I can filter by the pagelist field.

Simon Clay

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Hi Adam,

The dataselect field type is what you need I think.

Wow in all the Perch sites I've built I haven't tried out the dataselect field, OR the slug field!

Thank you Simon!

Simon Clay

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Glad to help :) dataselect and slug are very useful :)