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Problem with bulleted lists using MarkItUp

I've got a blog entry that has been marked up with a bulleted list but the list isn't converted into HTML. I'm using the MarkItUp editor and have formatted the post using Markdown. The rest of the post is fine, it's just the bulleted list.

Here's the code I'm using in the post.html template:

<perch:blog id="postDescHTML" type="textarea" label="Post" order="2" editor="markitup" markdown="true" html="true" imagewidth="960" bucket="blog-images" size="xxl autowidth" required="true" />

I've used the *, - and + syntax to try and format the list but none of them seem to work. Here's the list extract from the post.

Characters are:
* **Dwayne** - early twenties
* **Sabeena** - Asian - early twenties
* **Laurie** - late twenties (male)

This outputs:

Characters are: * Dwayne - early twenties * Sabeena - Asian - early twenties * Laurie - late twenties (male)

Any ideas why this might be happening.

Really like the new forum by the way. Would be good to have email notification, this was really useful in the last forum.



Damian Lewis

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  • 7 years ago
Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

Have you tried

  • with a clear line after Characters are:
  • removing html="true" from the tag
  • if you don't bold the character names (just as an experiment)

Hi Rachel

Adding a new line after "Characters are:" has solved this.

Thanks for that.