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Assets Panel

I believe the default setting for this panel is that the box clicked to specify assets whether assets are cleaned up, if unused, is set to keeping assets even if unused (the box is ticked)

Our editors seem to be creating many duplicates which are wasting space in our system. We think they are doing so by placing an image in our Redactor editing window using the appropriate menu item, and then deleting the image from the editing window as they experiment with the layout for their story. If they decide to return to an image previously loaded and deleted, the effect is the image is in Assets twice. Sometimes we have more than 2 duplicates.

Because the default setting for our system is that Assets are kept even if unused, all copies of the image are retained.

When images are put into Assets with this process, the editor never gets to see the Assets window, which makes the story creation process slicker (therefore a good thing), but the downside is he/she can't unclick the box and has no idea all copies are being kept.

(a) can we reset the default to be that Assets are NOT kept if unused. This setting would mean that all unused duplicates are removed in the clean up process.

(b) could the Assets panel behaviour be changed so that if, say, you delete an assets from the 10th Assets panel the panel returns to the 10th panel rather than returns to the first panel. The current behaviour is inconvenient when working with 115 panels as we are at present.


Stefan Youngs

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  • 5 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

Images added through Redactor are unmanageable - Perch has no way to know if they're still being used. Therefore the only option is that we have to consider them in use.