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folder path

I deleted a page who had subpages in it. When i created this page for the first time, a folder was created with a name my-folder, with an index file in it. That's ok. But when i try to create another, after i deleter this one, it creates a folder named my-folder-2. I'd like it to be my-folder, without 2...

DEVAUX Nicolas

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  • 7 years ago

I think you can change the path to the page in the Location section of the Page Options. You can also change the subpage folder to remove the -2 from the path.

Thanks a lot. I tried this already but this didn't work, i should try again, maybe i missed something.

Did you delete everything directly through Perch?

If so it maybe due to the undo cache. The delete/undo feature will remember changes up to about 10-15 revisions, so although the folder is deleted now, it's undoable and could be restored, so Perch creates the next folder as -2 to avoid potentially over writing new content with restored content at a later date.

Yes i deleted through Perch. So i can not fix this i guess. The reason why i didn't want any number is because of SEO but maybe just a number at the end of an url is not so important.. I don't know.

I think you can move / delete the files and folders in your site folder manually to get the structure that you need. Then just match the paths up to the correct paths in the perch page options.