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Where exactly do I start? (maybe this is a stupid question :| )

Greetings all,

I started watching the perch video tutorials and reading the documentation but I noticed something. I can not for the life of me find a well structured beginning to end list of tutorials, videos or otherwise. I immediately went to the "Installing Perch" page. That was a great start, and it walked me through setting it up. Then I went to "Adding Perch to a Page". No problems here. But...after that, it goes into talking about The Perch Control Panel, Branding, Assets App, region options...several things that I have no foundation on at all and I felt like many steps were skipped. The next section is Upgrading Perch? And then Customizing?

The video tutorials are slightly better structurally, but they still leave a lot of questions unanswered. They give you instructions on how to create templates, and shared regions, etc. But what is being typed in doesn't seem to be fully explained. And the narrator often talks way ahead of what she's doing, which makes it confusing and difficult to follow at times.

There's most certainly a lot of content, many videos and documentation, but I'm lost in it all and very overwhelmed :\ Maybe this is a stupid question? I did a forum search and couldn't find anyone else asking or discussing something similar, so I feel kind of alone and not too bright because of that :\ Any way...I hope this is a reasonable question and there is an answer of some sort. I'm hoping I must be missing something in the documentation or maybe that there are additional resources that I'm unaware of (I have done some google searches). I'll continue plugging away in the mean time and trying to figure things out.

Thanks very much!!

John Meise

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  • 6 years ago
Rachel Andrew

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Hi John

the end-to-end video tutorial is this one:

Documentation is not structured as a tutorial, the idea is you go to the documentation page that covers the thing you want to do. That's pretty normal for product documentation as not everyone needs to do every single thing a product does. After installing Perch you use it in the way you need to use it, we don't dictate how you should build your site!

I got ya. I'm starting to figure it out, but it's still a little overwhelming. I suppose (and I'm really bad at this :P) I was overthinking the entire thing. Just copy what the videos say and then search for more details in the documentation. Thank you kindly! :)

Hello John,

There's also the blog to page through. To complement Rachel's recommendation, which tutorial was so helpful to me, the same topic, for example, is introduced in the blog: