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Does perch work with foundation 5 framework from Zurb


Has anyone tried combining some of the "mini CMS's" with Foundation? Something like Perch CMS,

Does it work?

Chris James

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  • 7 years ago
Michael Wilkinson

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Hi Chris

It will work yes. Your markup can be what ever you want it to be and use whatever framework (like Foundation, skeleton etc..) you want. The beauty of Perch is that it wont affect your markup so you have complete control.

I have used Perch many times with Bootstrap and have even created a bundle of Perch templates so I can use Bootstrap markup directly when creating content regions. It's great to know that as soon as I have a new site to work with, all my Bootstrap templates are all ready to use straight away.

So in a nutshell...yes, and it works perfectly.

Hope that helps.


Thank you Michael, great help