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Unused data


I'd like to know what happens to data previously stored and if it still exists, is there a way to remove (or view) it in the Database?

I created a lot of select boxes in Perch that I was using for id="" and class="" that I no longer need as I am using HTML5 <template></template> elements in Perch .html files and can use the id as a style hook when querySelector('#')is used as the DOMNode in HTML via script (Edge and upwards).


Garth Holmes

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  • 4 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

As you make new revisions, the old content is dropped. It takes a while, as Perch keeps an undo stack.

Old data is retained in the database. A history stack is retained in case you should use the undo function. There is a cleanup routine which cleans up old data but never actually removes all old data, just data that is a certain number of layers deep.

There is no way for you to automatically or manually remove this data.

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