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Log in to Perch fails

Hello, My login to https://localhost:8888/perch is not accepted. I get the message: "Sorry, those details are incorrect. Please try again."

I use Mamp Pro, and had just set up a Wordpress site. Perch was in my Applications > MAMP > htdocs folder. I had a notion to set up a Perch site in Mamp Pro pointing to a Perch folder in a different folder rather than using the localhost address. When that didn't work, I eliminated that and tried going back to the way it was working.

My username was my email address, so that remains the same. I did click for a new password, but that never arrived at my mailbox, regular or Junk.

I can log in to the Grap a Perch site using my email address and previous (guess that would be current) password.

Sorry to take your time- just a bit confused. It was working fine.

Here's a joke I wrote this week:

Q. What do you call a big-mouthed fish that keeps jumping onto the dock?

A. A dum(b) bass

Thank you so much. I enjoy your podcasts.

John Rose

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  • 7 years ago
Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

Your Perch account login is not the same as your login to your install.

The login to the install is the one that you created when installing Perch, this should be a username (not your email address) and password.

You will need to configure mail in Mamp if you want Mamp to send you an email.

Hello and thank you,

I went through my various logins. I can't seem to bring up my Perch site. I somehow fell off my Perch.

This seems so trivial, but I am out on a limb. Enough with the puns...

I tried password reset, having configured mail in Mamp as you suggested, but I receive nothing in return.

Thanks for any thoughts...


Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

Have you ever managed to login to your install?

No, I haven't. I have the login in my notes- well, at least I thought I did, but... no luck.

No problem getting to the localhost/perch login, but I seem to have gummed up things at that point.

Thank you,


Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan 2638 points
Perch Support

I'd recommend dropping the database and starting afresh.

Many thanks. Did that. I guess I over-tinkered, and will try not to muck it up this time.