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Nested repeaters.

I have the following template:

<perch: <h1><perch:content id="heading" type="text" label="Hovedoverskrift for denne side" required="true" title="true" help="Dette er hovedoverskriften for om-siden" /></h1> <perch:if exists="ingress"> <p><perch:content id="ingress" type="textarea" size="s" label="Overordnet om denne side" markdown="true" editor="markitup" help="Om du vil skrive noe overordnet for siden, gør det her" required="true" /></p> </perch:if> <hr> </perch:after> <perch:repeater id="innhold" label="Innhold"> <h2><perch:content id="underoverskrift" type="text" label="Underoverskrift" required="true" title="true" help="Dette er underoverskriften"/></h2> <p><perch:content id="body" type="textarea" label="Body" markdown="true" editor="markitup" required="true" /></p> <perch:repeater id="links" label="Links"> <perch:content id="lenker" type="text" label="Tekst for lenken" required="true" title="true" help="Dette er teksten for lenken" /> <perch:content id="url" type="text" label="URL/Nettadresse til lenken" required="true" title="true" help="Url/nettadresse for lenken" /> </perch:repeater> </perch:repeater>

I want the repeater inside the repeater to be a list of links. Thanks in advance!

-Erling Hoff

Erling Hoff

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  • 7 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

Repeaters can't be nested.