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Working with the Podcast App


Currently my client is uploading MP3 files to an mp3 folder due to the upload file size limitation of the web host.

When I sign into the Perch Dashboard and go to the Podcast App, I can add a new show. Here are questions I have on adding a new show:

  • I am unclear what the 'slug' option is for.
  • Do I need to define the 'Default file location' option in the file as ?
  • How does the 'Default tracked URL' work?

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Kevin Brandon

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  • 7 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

  • I am unclear what the 'slug' option is for.

A slug is a URL-safe short name of the show. It's used to form the show's URL. If your show was called "I Love Cheese", the slug might be i-love-cheese, or maybe cheese-show or just cheese depending on your preference. It should be unique amongst your shows.

Yes, that's right. This is used when creating a new episode to pre-fill the field with something useful. Ideally it would end up being the correct URL and save the editor some work.

  • How does the 'Default tracked URL' work?

The tracked URL is the one that's published in links on the pages and in the RSS feed. The really MP3 URL is kept hidden. All the tracked URL does is record a 'play' of the episode, and then deliver the MP3 file from its real location.